Inverted mattress suturing technique

2017-08-16T14:45:43+02:00Technique one-layered-invagination-end-to-side-pancreatojejunostomy|

The jejunal sidewall is opened for a size similar to the diameter of the pancreatic stump. A total of five to six U-sutures are applied following an inverted mattress suturing technique. The first three to four sutures go through the full-thickness of the posterior jejunal wall, from outside to inside, and through the seromuscular wall of the jejunum back to outside, inverting the seromuscular coat of the jejunum. […]

Vertical mattress suturing technique

2017-08-16T14:45:30+02:00Technique one-layered-invagination-end-to-side-pancreatojejunostomy|

An incision is made in the sidewall of the jejunal loop, with a size matching the diameter of the pancreatic cut surface. The one-layered invagination end-to-side pancreatojejunostomy is performed using a mattress suturing technique. To this purpose, transpancreatic U-sutures are placed. The suturing is started at the posterior wall of the jejunum, penetrating the full-thickness of the jejunal wall from outside to inside, exciting the jejunal lumen again from the new-made opening. […]